Pregnant Rochelle Humes reveals she’s craving pastries at photoshoot

Rochelle Humes has managed to keep her figure during her pregnancy so far which is surprising, seeing as she's revealed that her most recent cravings haven't been the healthiest.

Rochelle Humes revealed she's craving pastries. Copyright [Supersonic PR]Rochelle has revealed during a photoshoot, that she's currently craving pastries and chocolate eclairs. And now we want both. Sadly, we don't have the excuse of a foetus.

Rochelle's PR company tweeted a snap of the pregnant Saturdays singer at a photoshoot with a plate of pastries in her hand.

The photo was tweeted alongside the caption: "What to expect when you're expecting - pastries on tap for @RochelleTheSats"

Rochelle Humes showed off her baby bump at London Fashion Week last weekend. Copyright [WENN]And just the day before, the PR company asked Rochelle whether she was having any cravings so they could prepare the food for her in advance.

The singer responded: "1 thing M&S chocolate eclairs xx"

Rochelle, 23, looked glowing behind the scenes at the photoshoot, wrapping her baby bump up in a fluffy dressing gown.

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And despite suffering morning sickness at the start of her pregnancy, and a recent bout of illness, Rochelle's husband JLS' Marvin Humes recently revealed she'd been a 'trooper' throughout her pregnancy so far.

Marvin, 26, said: "She is the most beautiful pregnant lady. Like most women who have had children, it’s pretty tough but she is strong. She is a trooper - nothing phases her, she’s dealt with it really well. She has had rough days but she’s doing great."