Pregnant Rochelle Humes keeps her baby bump covered up as The Saturdays continue their assault on the US

She’s not been one to shy away from showing off her baby bump but yesterday Rochelle Humes decided that staying warm was a far more inviting idea over displaying her growing stomach.

Rochelle decided to cover up her bump. Copyright [Splash]

Rochelle, 24, was joined by the rest of the Saturdays as their assault on the US music charts took them to New York.

As she arrived for an appearance on the Today Show, Rochelle Humes wrapped up in a large black coat and white scarf.

The girls recently appeared on E! television show ‘Fashion Police’ where host Joan Rivers asked a potentially awkward question to Rochelle.

In true Joan style, the comic asked: “Are you fat or are you pregnant?”

That’s a bit harsh!

Luckily Rochelle saw the funny side of the question (or perhaps she wanted to keep in Joan’s good books) replying: “Could you imagine how awkward that would have been? Yes I’m pregnant.”

The Sats appeared on E!'s Fashion Police. Copyright [Wenn]

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Joan also asked the girls who had the best boobs out of the five with everyone agreeing that Rochelle currently owned the best pair.

Rochelle joked: “Yeah but I’ve got udders at the minute, it’s not really fair!”

Frankie however assured her that her breasts had in fact improved since falling pregnant saying: “They are even better now!”

Mum to be Rochelle Humes also admitted that she was hoping she would have a girl to join Una Healy’s daughter Aoife Belle in order to form a mini version of The Saturdays.

Or The Saturdays Juniors if you will.

She quipped: “We’re hoping it’s a girl so one day we can do a mini Saturdays,” with Frankie adding: “When we’re over it we can earn 20%.”

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