Pregnant Rochelle Humes having super-healthy cravings, chowing down on fruit!

Rochelle Humes doesn't seem to be abiding by the 'eating for two' thing. In fact, far from chomping away on burgers and chocolates, The Saturdays singer is actually having super-healthy cravings.

Rochelle HumesRochelle Humes has been eating loads of fruit. Copyright [Rochelle Humes]

Rochelle Humes may well be on honeymoon and therefore entitled to eat whatever the heck she wants, but instead her pregnancy cravings have meant she's chowing down on a lot of mango.

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Rochelle Humes took to Twitter to reveal that she's been eating so much of the stuff that she's worried she'll turn INTO a mango.

Rochelle said: "I'm worried I could turn into a mango have eaten farrrr too many."

Rochelle HumesRochelle Humes tweeted this photo of her meal. Copyright [Rochelle Humes]She then showed her sense of humour, by tweeting a photo of a face made out of fruit alongside the caption: "You can definitely tell in my face that I'm eating lots of fruit.."


And it's not just fruit Rochelle has been eating loads of. She even went for a pregnancy-friendly sushi meal with her hubby, Marvin Humes.

Rochelle Humes is currently on her belated honeymoon. Copyright [Rochelle Humes]She tweeted: "Sushi restaurants are now a VERY different experience for me...non alcoholic Mojito and a cucumber roll haha."

The pair are currently sunning themselves on a tropical island on a belated honeymoon. Rochelle and Marvin Humes only had time for a mini-moon to Portugal after their wedding but now they're indulging in some proper time away.

We just hope Rochelle manages to squeeze in some chocolate before it's time to come home.

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