Pregnant Reese Witherspoon ‘fine’ following hospital dash

Reese Witherspoon is fine and healthy following a pregnancy scare which saw her rushed to hospital last night.

Phew! Reese and baby are fine. Copyright: [BIG]

We were very worried when we heard the heavily pregnant actress had been rushed to hospital however, can now breathe a sigh of relief.

A source at the hospital said: "The visit is a normal thing for a lot of pregnant women and there is no drama. All parties involved are healthy and fine."

Reese was taken to hospital yesterday amidst rumours of complications.

Reese is fine and ready to pop any day now! Copyright: [BIG]

However, it would seem that Reese is just about ready to pop and can be expecting he baby any day now! A source told RadarOnline:

"Reese was actually taken to the hospital on Tuesday night with complications. She was released that night and then rushed back to the hospital today."

"At this point it looks like she might have the baby."

However, Reese and her husband are believed to be concerned as the baby's due date isn't until September.

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The source added: "Reese and Jim are a little worried about having the baby so early. But it's close enough to her due date that they're confident the baby will be just fine."

This will be Reese's third addition to the family, as the actress already had two children from her previous relationship with Ryan Philippe.

We can't wait to meet the new baby!