Pregnant Peaches Geldof shows off new wedding ring, we GAWP at her bling

Peaches Geldof and her husband Thomas Cohen are one seriously loved-up pair.

Peaches GeldofPeaches Geldof's impressive set of bling. Copyright [Peaches Geldof]And it seems that Thomas Cohen has gone to some pretty impressive lengths to prove how much he loves his wife, Peaches Geldof.

Peaches has shared a photo of her brand new gold and platinum wedding band which Tom gave her for Christmas.

Peaches explained that the new ring matches her husband's wedding ring. Copyright [Peaches Geldof]We think that's a pretty extravagant present in itself, but the photo also shows that the band sits in between her absolutely MASSIVE engagement ring.

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We are seriously gawping at the amount of bling sitting on Peaches' finger.

Excuse us whilst we gaze at it for a while.

Peaches GeldofPregnant Peaches Geldof showed off her baby bump last week. Copyright [Peaches Geldof]However, the rings aren't just a dazzling display of diamonds and gold - Peaches (who's pregnant with the pair's second child,) explained in the caption of the photo that Thomas bought her the new band because it matches his own wedding ring.


We reckon the photo of her wedding bling came now following the couple's loved-up honeymoon.

Peaches Geldof looked happy to be reunited with Astala after her honeymoon last week. Copyright [Peaches Geldo …The pair, who have an eight month old son Astala together and another boy on the way, had their belated honeymoon last week after they tied the knot in September.

They left Astala in the care of Thomas' parents, and Peaches Geldof seems very happy to be reunited with him.

She tweeted a cute photo of Astala sitting on her lap alongside the caption: "Tanned mummy with pale Grubby!"