Pregnant Lily Allen faints in Harrods, someone get the woman some CHEESE

Pregnant star Lily Allen had a funny turn in Harrods yesterday, while Christmas shopping for her family.

The mum-of-one was buying gifts for her nephew in the swanky department store when she fainted.

She posted on Twitter: "Just fainted in Harrods. #croquemonsieur needed."


Lils was quite to look on the bright side, though, reassuring followers that she did manage to get him a load of Harry Potter goodies despite passing out.

She said: "On the bright side, managed to pick up Professor Snape Wand in Ollivanders box and Slitherin pen for Nephews Xmas present. #luckyboy"

And to be honest if you were going to faint anywhere, we reckon Harrods might be one of the best places - just think of all those leather designer handbags you could fall onto?

The 27-year-old hasn't had a great time of it lately - complaining last week that she was suffering from a bad cold.

She posted: "Without trying to come across all 'poor me' I do think you should all know about how runny my nose is and how sore my throat feels."

Lily is pregnant with her second child with husband Sam Cooper and is reportedly due to pop next month.

She first announced she was pregnant back in July.

The pair already have baby Ethel together.