Pregnant Kim Kardashian goes out seemingly dressed as the Go Compare man in heels

Pregnancy can do funny things to a lady... make them eat ice, get puffy ankles... but it doesn't normally prompt one to go out in the Go Compare! man's outfit.

Kim K and the Go Compare man... spot the difference. Copyright: [rex]

However, it would seem preggers Kim Kardashian has just done that and taken some baby bump styling tips from the most annoying man in advertising.

Plus heels.

Not a good look. Copyright: [rex]

Yeah, we're not sure a dinner jacket is exactly maternity chic.

We reckon Kim needs to have a chat with Fearne Cotton, who definitely knows a thing or two about dressing her bump.

She literally has not put on a maternity outfit that we haven't loved since she first announced she was expecting.

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Meanwhile, Kim is said to be absolutely terrified of gaining any baby weight, and is focusing on getting back into her skinny jeans ASAP as soon as the baby is born.

Kim has been spotted loads in the gym. Copyright: [Splash]

She recently tweeted: 'Can't sleep & I'm googling double chin exercises! I'm petrified to get one!'

We say Kim needs to chill out and enjoy her pregnancy.

However, that doesn't look like it will be the case as since announcing her pregnancy we have been swamped with pics of Kim heading to the gym.

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