Pregnant Kim Kardashian cures cravings with a McDonalds, but only has one measly bite!

Kim Kardashian has given into her pregnancy cravings and treated herself to a rather unhealthy McDonalds.

Kim tweeted this snap earlier on today. Copyright: [Twitter]

For us this is further proof that everyone loves a good McDonalds even if you are a mega celeb who could afford to eat well, pretty much anywhere.

There really is nothing better than the occasional Big Mac, is there? It's definitely one of life's ultimate guilty pleasures.

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Kim posted the snap earlier on Twitter, with the message: "Just one bite! #MyFave #McGriddle"

OK, so we all love a McDonalds but what the heck is a McGriddle?

Well, this is US exclusive McDonalds, y'see! It's a pancake with bacon or eggs in the middle and is a whopping 420 calories per piece.

So is it any wonder Kim only had a bite?

Kim K wants to keep her post baby bod. Copyright: [rex]

However, we reckon it's just another one of Kim's rather unhealthy pregnancy cravings.

A source told HollywoodLife that unlike Rochelle Humes, who conveniently reckons she craves fruit, Kim wants sweets and pies!

The source says: "Kim is eating for two. She is just craving so many sweets now, like pies and ice cream."

And McGriddles!

However, if she sticks to one bite of everything than we reckon she will be just fine!