Pregnant Katie Price slates Victoria Beckham, says she's 'dishonest' and isn't the perfect mum. Uh Oh.

Katie Price has reignited her long-running feud with Victoria Beckham, saying that Victoria's not being honest about how she brings up her kids, and says she's NOT the perfect mum.

Katie Price has had a rant about Victoria Beckham being dishonest about how she brings up her kids. Copyright  …Pop your feet up and get comfortable for this one - Katie Price goes on for quite a while about the whole thing.

Katie, who's mum to Harvey, Junior and Princess and is currently pregnant with her fourth child, said: "I don't think she's being entirely honest. What you don't see in all the shots of her being the perfect mum is the nanny who is probably pushing the buggy behind her, the security team holding her bags, or the driver chauffeuring her on all those school runs."

"From her hair to her shoes, you never see Victoria looking anything less than immaculate and there is no way you can achieve that, day in day out, without help if you're a working mum with four kids."

Victoria Beckham out and about with baby Harper. Copyright [Splash]

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The comments come after Victoria Beckham recently revealed that she helps her children with their homework over breakfast, drops them off at school and then goes to work at her fashion label.

Katie, 34, said that the morning routine was slightly different in her house.

Katie Price says things are a bit different at her house. Copyright [Splash]The former glamour model explained:"I've got a nanny and I'm happy to admit it. School mornings in my house are still a nightmare, though."

"For a start, the kids never want to go to school and try to pull a fast one, saying they've got a stomach ache. I'm like a bad version of Nanny McPhee yelling, 'Come on, get your uniforms on!' Junior winds Princess up and vice versa, and finally, when I've managed to pull on a tracksuit and we're halfway down the drive, we realise someone's forgotten their book bag and we're back to square one."

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