Pregnant Kate Middleton has revealed that she and Prince William are divided between what they want the sex of their new baby to be. Kate said that she wants a boy, whereas Prince William wants a girl.

Pregnant Kate Middleton revealed she wants a boy, William wants a girl. Copyright [Splash]Speaking to a soldier at the St. Patrick's Day parade, Kate Middleton, who's five months' pregnant, said she 'didn't know' if she was expecting a girl or a boy.

The solider said: "I asked her "do you know if it’s a girl or boy", and she said "not yet".

The soldier went on to reveal that Kate had said: "I’d like to have a boy and William would like a girl". That’s always the way."
Kate Middleton revealed the news about her baby's gender at the St Patrick's Day parade yesterday. Copyright [ …
He continued: "'I asked her if she had any names yet and she said no. I said I suppose you’ve got to stick to traditional names."

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Another solider revealed that he too had spoken to The Duchess of Cambridge, who had confirmed that everything was 'fine' with her pregnancy, and that she was very excited about the birth of her first baby.

Kate Middleton has been rocking amazing pregnancy style. Copyright [Splash]But after the reports two weeks ago that Kate Middleton had accidentally 'let slip' that the royal baby was in fact a girl, we're wondering whether the Duchess is attempting to call our bluff now.

Either way, we can't wait for the royal baby to be born - and to find out what his or her name is.

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