Pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William reveal the name of their unborn baby - and it's VERY Gwyneth Paltrow

Pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William have just unveiled the name of their unborn baby.... sort of.

Pregnant Kate Middleton and Prince William have apparently named their baby 'Little Grape'. Copyright [Splash]

Apparently the couple have coined their tiny tot "Little Grape".

Yep, it's named after a piece of fruit - a la Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter, Apple.

Thankfully, this probably won't be Kate and Wills' final name choice for their baby - which is apparently a girl *squeal* - with sources claiming that it's just their current nickname for her (yeah, we're going all out with the 'hers').

The pair are said to have come up with the name after using an iPhone app to track the baby's growth.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been using a baby growth tracking app, hence the 'grape' nickname. Copyright …

And according to the app, Kate's growing bump is about the size of a "little grape" right now.

The Duchess of Cambridge is working hard to keep any excess weight off, apparently swapping her daily running routine for several lengthy walks every week.

She's also said to have hired a private prenatal yoga instructor to keep her healthy throughout the pregnancy.

And while Kate has a strict diet when she's not preggers, a source told Us Weekly that she's struggling to battle cravings for sweet things.

They added: "She's got sugar on the brain. Chocolates, biscuits, cake. When she sneaks off to a nearby Starbucks for a decaf coffee, she'll often pick up a baked good!"

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