Pregnant Kate Middleton develops a bizarre biscuit craving: lavender shortbread

Kate Middleton has reportedly developed a pregnancy craving fit for a Duchess.

Kate Middleton has a penchant for lavender shortbread. Copyright [Rex/Wenn]

However, rather than craving pickled onions or gherkins dipped in Nutella Kate has developed a penchant for a rather posh biscuit.

And that biscuit is Lavender Shortbread.

A source told The Sun: “A lot of women develop cravings during pregnancy and Kate is no exception. She has got a real taste for these biscuits.

“Lavender is said to have healing properties, so it is not such a wacky food to nibble on when you’re pregnant.”

Wacky, perhaps not, but posh? Definitely.

It’s not like she’s developed a taste for Tesco Everday Value digestives now is it?

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Kate Middleton in blue dressKate has also craved scones. How very British. Copyright [Rex]

Now this isn’t the first time that Kate Middleton has enjoyed a typically royal craving.

Earlier this month, a source close to Kate revealed that she had been enjoying the traditional English afternoon tea staple of scones.

They said: “Kate has been craving scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream.”

“She can’t get enough of it. And she washes it down with a cup of old-fashioned English-breakfast tea.

“Some women eat raw onions when they’re pregnant, but Kate’s joked that she’s keeping it classy.”

Kate Middleton and husband William Windsor announced that she was pregnant earlier this month after she was admitted to hospital due to acute morning sickness.