Pregnant Imogen Thomas upset at C Section criticism

Imogen Thomas has been worried about having to have a C Section for a couple of weeks.

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas has received criticism over her decision. Copyright [WENN]And today Imogen Thomas confirmed that she will definitely be having a C Section, and has even booked a date for it.

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The pregnant model took to Twitter to announce the news, saying: "My date is booked for a c section! Eeekks! Nervous excited mixed emotions! Can't wait to meet my baby xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

However, within minutes of Imogen telling her followers about the caesarian, she'd received a barrage of criticism - despite the fact it's the safest option for her and her baby.

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas is having to have a C Section. Copyright [Imogen Thomas]Tweeters were asking her to justify the decision for a caesarian, which we reckon is a bit mean given that there isn't much she can do about the baby being breech.

Imogen said: "For those of u criticising me for having a c sec...the doctor says I have to as my stomach muscles r too strong to turn baby x" [sic]

Imogen Thomas with her boyfriend Adam. Copyright [WENN]This is Imogen Thomas's first baby - and she recently revealed that she's struggled with her body changing during pregnancy.

She said: "I've been feeling a bit low and uncomfortable about putting on weight - I didn't feel sexy any more.

"I've gone from 9st to 11st. I've noticed my arms have gone a bit bigger and I saw a photo of myself the other day with a double chin, but it's water retention so once the baby's out, hopefully it'll all go."