Pregnant Imogen Thomas says Claire Danes and Megan Fox are her post-baby weight loss inspiration

With Imogen Thomas due to give birth next month, the reality star has already started thinking about getting into shape.

Imogen is inspired by Claire and Megan's post pregancy bodies. Copyright [Getty/Wenn]

Writing in her new! magazine column this week, Imogen Thomas named actresses Claire Danes and Megan Fox as her inspiration following their appearances at this year’s Golden Globes.

She wrote: “I was so jealous when I saw Claire Danes and Megan Fox looking absolutely stunning at the Golden Globes.

“They are both new mums but already look absolutely amazing.

“When you give birth you want your body back as soon as possible.”

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Imogen did however admit that she won’t be throwing herself into a strict work out regime after she gives birth, rather she will take things slowly.

She continued: “They are my inspiration, but all in due course- I am not going to give birth and go: ‘Right that’s it, get in the gym now.’

“I’m going to do it properly.”

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas has put on two stone during her pregnancy. Copyright [Rex]

Imogen Thomas, 30, admitted in an interview with the magazine that her weight gain of 2 stone since falling pregnant has been getting her down.

She told the magazine: “I've been feeling a bit low and uncomfortable about putting on weight - I didn't feel sexy any more.

“I've gone from 9st to 11st. I've noticed my arms have gone a bit bigger and I saw a photo of myself the other day with a double chin.

“But it's water retention so once the baby's out, hopefully it'll all go.”