Pregnant Imogen Thomas cooks comfort food, uses baby bump as a tray

Imogen Thomas is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and it seems she'll miss her baby bump for one reason in particular - she's been using it as a tray.

Imogen ThomasImogen Thomas balances some crumpets on her baby bump. Copyright [Imogen Thomas]

Imogen Thomas tweeted a photo of her baby bump being used to balance a plate of crumpets. Err, amazing much?!

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Imogen tweeted the snap which showed her lying on the sofa, alongside the caption: "I will miss this tray when the bump goes."

The former model seems to be having a nice chilled day. Not only has she been relaxing with crumpets, but she's also been doing a spot of cooking.

Imogen Thomas has also been doing a spot of cooking. Copyright [Imogen Thomas]Imogen revealed she's cooking some cawl - traditional Welsh stew - perhaps to whack in the freezer ready for when the baby arrives and she has no time to be in the kitchen.

Imogen Thomas is booked in for a caesarian at some point over the next three weeks, a decision that was made after it was discovered her baby's in the wrong position to be delivered naturally.

Imogen Thomas will have her baby in February. Copyright [Imogen Thomas]Speaking to Star maagzine, Imogen said: "I feel fine about having one, although it's a bit sad because I've really prepped for labour. Although I was worried about the pain of giving birth, I wanted to experience it."