Pregnant Fearne Cotton shows off her bump in the snow, we turn up the heating

While we may have been battling with the snow all day, Fearne Cotton has been absolutely loving it.

Fearne posted this snap earlier today. Copyright: [Twitter]

Fearne took to Twitter to share with everyone just how much fun she was having...

Fearne tweeted: "I know it's a bit annoying for some of you travelling today or working outside, but I love the snow!"

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Yeah, we really do wish we could say the same and we don't want to be TOTAL snow grinches about the whole thing... but it's just it's SOOOOOOOOO cold.

Meanwhile, we have been freezing our bums off and dreading getting home.

However, snow aside - just how huge is Fearne's bump getting? OK, so that's kind of to be expected, but still - we can't help but gawp.

Fearne Cotton looks ready to pop! Copyright: [rex]

Fearne Cotton looks pretty much ready to pop - so we're now officially very excited for the birth of mini-Cotton.

The Radio One star is due to give birth next month, and the star recently revealed that being pregnant has made the beginning of January more pleasant than usual.

She said: "My start to the year has been very different to the usual crash back to work as I get ready and try to get organised before our baby is born."

"Obviously being pregnant means I'm not one of those poor people subjecting themselves to some sort of detox."

Yeah, and our excuse is?!

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