Pregnant Fearne Cotton looks ready to pop, we get excited

It's been a while since Fearne Cotton was photographed, as she's managed to keep a low profile since she went on maternity leave on Christmas Eve.

Fearne CottonFearne Cotton's baby bump looked huge yesterday. Copyright [Rex]So we were pretty surprised to see quite how much pregnant Fearne Cotton's baby bump has grown over the past few weeks.

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In fact, we reckon that Fearne Cotton looks pretty much ready to pop - so we're now officially very excited for the birth of mini-Cotton.

Fearne was photographed heading home after a supermarket trip with Jesse Wood.

Fearne CottonFearne Cotton wrapped up her baby bump warm against the freezing weather. Copyright [Rex]Fearne wasn't wearing a scrap of makeup, and kept her baby bump wrapped up warm in a hoodie and a coat.

With London temperatures of about minus one hundred million, Fearne also looked cute with her hair pulled up into a bun and accessorised with a cosy headband.

Fearne Cotton and boyfriend Jesse WoodFearne Cotton and boyfriend Jesse Wood were on their way back from the shops. Copyright [Rex]

Fearne Cotton is due to give birth next month, and the star recently revealed that being pregnant has made the beginning of January more pleasant than usual.

She said: "My start to the year has been very different to the usual crash back to work as I get ready and try to get organised before our baby is born. Obviously being pregnant means I'm not one of those poor people subjecting themselves to some sort of detox."