Pregnant Beyonce spends £750 in Nandos in Dublin as her baby cravings take their toll

Beyonce spent a whopping £750 satisfying her pregnancy cravings in Nandos on Sunday night.

Beyonce's Nandos receipt showed that she spent £750 for herself and her crew in Dublin - pregnancy cravings, anyone? …

The 31-year-old - who is reportedly pregnant with her 2nd baby - clearly had a hankering for some Peri-peri sauce following her show in Ireland, treating her entire crew to a Nandos meal.

Beyonce ordered 14 jumbo platters (including two whole chickens and five sides) and seven wing roulettes - receiving a £10 discount at the discretion of the manager (no Nandos Black Card for her then...).

A spokesperson for Nandos said: "Beyoncé lived up to her Sasha Fierce persona when choosing to gamble with Wing Roulette, a platter of 10 wings ranging in spiciness from mild to extra-hot, further proving that there’s no PERi-PERi spice that the Independent Woman can’t handle."

Her latest blow-out will do little to dispel pregnancy rumours, with Bey previously admitting her strict diet went out the window when she was pregnant with Blue.

Beyonce is pregnant with her second baby, according to reports. Copyright [Beyonce/Tumblr]

During her first pregnancy, Bey was rumoured to be stuffing herself with Bounty coconut ice cream and hot chilli sauce - something which she had all over her chicken wings at Nandos.

Bananas dipped in ketchup and washed down with ginger beer was another of her weird cravings, but probably not something she could have ordered in the Dublin branch of Nandos.

Bey gained an incredible 57 pounds (four stone) during her first pregnancy, later admitting that she had just three months to lose the weight before her first show.

Beyonce snacked on Metcalfe's skinny topcorn to help her slim down following the birth of Blue. Copyright [Life …

She shed the pounds by eating fresh veg and fish every day and snacking on Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn, with just one cheat day each week.

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Katie Price showed off her growing baby bump beneath her pale pink top and skinny patterned trousers. Copyright [Wenn]
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