Poll: Vote for your Best Boyband of 2012, One Direction and The Wanted are in the mix…

We're all a bit obsessed with boybands here at Yahoo! omg! We generally spend our days gazing at pictures of the buff boys, doing the odd bit of work here and there in the few minutes when we're not drooling.

One Direction, JLS, The Wanted and Union JOne Direction, JLS, The Wanted and Union J are among the competitors. Copyright [WENN]So we thought that, seeing as 2012 is coming to a close, it's only right that we present our lovely readers with a good old poll to decide which boyband has been the best/fittest/most drool-worthy over the past year.

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Obviously One Direction have achieved world domination this year, after taking the US by storm and racking up number ones across the globe.

If this poll was based on record sales, we reckon One Direction would probably win. The boys have sold so many albums that they probably earn about £3 million an hour.

One DIrectionOne Direction are part of our poll. Copyright [WENN]But then we can't forget The Wanted who also took the US by storm as well - both groups have made us blimmin' proud to be British.

We had to include JLS in our poll, purely because they are some of the NICEST celebs we've ever come across. This year saw them releasing their fifth studio album, proving that boybands can last if they're good enough.

The WantedThe Wanted are also in the mix. Copyright [WENN]

McFly and Take That have also proved that if you're talented (and hot) enough, boybands can mature into man-bands. We still swoon and squeal over these two bands as we did back when we were teenagers. Sigh.

JLSJLS are some of our favourite celebs, ever. Copyright [Rex]And then of course there are some newbies, in the shape of The X Factor's District 3, Union J as well as Lawson. This time a year ago we hadn't heard of any of them. Now, we're obsessed.

District 3District 3 have fast become one of our favourites. Copyright [WENN]And we couldn't miss out Westlife (for old time's sake) or the lovely Jedward boys. Because, as Jedward fans have told us many times, they ARE a band.

So which group do YOU think deserves to be crowned the omg! Boyband of the Year? You'll need to vote below to ensure that your favourite wins.


Which was the best boyband of 2012?

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