Poll: Vote for your Girl Crush 2012, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole, Taylor Swift all in the mix

With Christmas just around the corner, we're feeling like it's time for a good old-fashioned end of year poll.

And while we spend plenty of time ogling at the lads we fancy, we also have plenty of space for girl crushing too.

So we've decided to find out once and for all Which Girl We'd Most Like To Be this year in the world of celebville.

In the running for our girl crush crown we've got the likes of Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole.

Whatever K-Middy wears we rush to put in our cyber shopping basket immediately, whereas we do actually dream of being Cheryl Cole most of the time.

Kimmy K hasn't only got curves to die for, the cutest boyfriend ever and her very own clothing range, she's also got the ultimate family - we NEED to be a Kardashian!

Meanwhile Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack aren't only gorgeous, they've been CLOSE to Mr Harry Styles.

And we'd die to be Perrie Edwards so we could be one fourth of Little Mix.

Jessie J is the ultimate dude who gets to wear the coolest of patterened blazers AND flirt with wil.i.am, Danny O'Donoghue AND Tom Jones on The Voice. No fair!

And we haven't even mentioned goddess Rihanna, our favourite popstar Katy Perry OR Nicole Scherzinger who makes us drool on X Factor on a weekly basis.

So here we have it, omg!'s ULTIMATE GIRL CRUSH POLL 2012. Cast your votes NOW...*

*PS we know there are lots of pretty girl missing but we only had space for this little lot


Who is your Biggest Girl Crush of 2012?

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