Pixie Lott does best milk maid impression at Access all Eirias

Pixie Lott usually looks perfect and while her style show on stage at yesterday's Access all Eirias festival in Wales was super cute we can't help but accuse it of looking a little too 'dress up'.

pixie lottPixie Lott rocked a halo braid and full sleeves that looked a little like a milk maid. Copyright [WENN]

Sorry Pixie, you are one gorgeous girl, but the frilled sleeves teamed with a halo braid were a tad too milk maid fancy dress for our liking.

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Although we'll award you full fashion marks for the adorable print — yellow sheep adopting various positions on a mint green fabric.

And we also approve of the Peter Pan collar and dark green loafers, they definitely add a fashion edge to this cute look.

pixie lottPixie held on tight to a teddy bear on stage. Copyright [WENN]

Pixie did nothing to distance herself from a childish look though when she clung tight to a purple teddy bear as she performed to the crowds.

The pretty star stuck to her trademark make-up look of dark eye shadow covering her lids teamed with lashings of black eyeliner.

And we're also applauding her ability not to flash her knickers a la Diana Vickers in the windy conditions.

diana vickersDiana Vickers showed off more than she wanted to yesterday. Copyright [WENN]

Diana, who was also performing at the event fell victim to a wardrobe malfunction as a gust of wind saw her tasseled dressed sweep up up and away exposing her pants.

At least they weren't Bridget Jones style knickers though, she maintained some dignity with leopard print underwear.