Pixie Geldof does a Sarah Jessica Parker at the ELLE Style Awards, turns up in trousers

It's the type of occasion where a ballgown wouldn't be too overdressed.

Pixie Geldof hit the ELLE Style Awards in trousers. Copyright [Getty]

But Pixie Geldof followed Sarah Jessica Parker's lead at the ELLE Style Awards tonight, hitting the red carpet in trousers.

The British cool kid turned heads at the prestigious fashion do in a pair of black trousers and a black tunic (which reminded us a little of a dental hygienist. So kill us, we're not up with our fashion).

Pixie paired her embellished outfit with a pair of black wedges and a red simple clutch.

And she wasn't the only star to turn up in trousers rather than a dress at the swanky do.

British actress Rosamund Pike went for a sharp black tailored trouser suit, while TV presenter Claudia Winkelman also went androgynous in a grey suit and white frilly blouse.