Peter Andre ‘can’t wait’ to spoil girlfriend Emily MacDonagh on Valentine’s Day, awwww

Peter Andre has been loving spending time with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh after she graduated from her degree a couple of weeks ago.

Peter Andre is planning to spoil Emily rotten. Copyright [WENN]

And after returning from a trip to Malta with Emily MacDonagh, Peter Andre has now firmly turned his attention to Valentine's Day. Namely spoiling Emily rotten.

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Peter Andre admitted that he'd decided not to fly back to Australia as he had planned to do because he wanted to be in the UK for Valentine's Day with Emily MacDonagh.

Speaking in his new! magazine column, Peter Andre has said today: "Things are still going well for us and I can't wait to spoil her on Valentine's Day on Thursday."

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh during their time in Malta. Copyright [WENN]However, Peter was less forthcoming about the actual plans, as he wants to keep the whole thing a surprise.

Sigh. Perfect man or what?

Peter went on to reveal that he and Emily had a great time when they traveled to Malta together for work last week.

Peter and Emily have been looking happier than ever lately. Copyright [Rex]He said: "Emily and I had an amazing time in Malta last week and were treated like a king and queen! Emily hasn't really been on any trips like that with me, and it was a real treat."

Yep, we're sure that spending time away together was MORE than a treat for Emily. We're seriously envious.