Peter Andre steps out with brunette woman, new girlfriend alert?

Peter Andre has been single for quite some time now, but it's no secret that he's on the look out for a special girl.

Peter Andre with a mystery womanPeter Andre was pictured with this mystery girl. Copyright [Rex]So when we saw these pictures of Peter Andre out and about with a gorgeous brunette, we couldn't help but contemplate whether he's finally found his Miss Right.

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However, on closer inspection, the girl appeared to be Emily, the daughter of Peter Andre's doctor, and she's appeared in Pete's reality shows in the past.

In fact, during one episode, the pair were married during a trip to Africa. So if they have begun dating, at least Pete won't have to fork out for a wedding. *Giggles*

Peter Andre with a mystery womanPeter Andre and his friend looked nicely coordinated. Copyright [Rex]Peter Andre was spotted at the Magic Mike premiere with Emily, who hung back behind him as he made his way through the paparazzi.

The girl was dressed in a pair of super skinny jeans, a white top and black blazer, teamed with a chunky wedges.

She looked nicely coordinated with Peter Andre who was wearing a blue and white ensemble himself.

Whether or not anything romantic is going on between the pair remains to be seen, but Peter recently revealed that he was still holding back from a full on relationship.

He said: "It's nothing serious, but I am enjoying myself. That's it, really.I think it's going to take me a long time to actually want to get in a relationship.

"I always think I'm ready, but then I think I'm trying too hard, so I back off. It is what it is."