Peter Andre says Emily MacDonagh relationship ‘heading in right direction,’ we dust off our wedding hats

Last week, Peter Andre attended his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh's graduation, and it seems that the pair couldn't be any more in love.

Peter AndrePeter Andre has gushed about how happy he is with Emily MacDonagh. Copyright [Rex]In fact, Peter Andre has revealed that he believes his relationship with Emily MacDonagh is 'heading in the right direction'. Now, we're taking that to mean that we should dust off our wedding hats and get ready for a showbiz wedding.

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We MIGHT be getting ahead of ourselves, but it seems that Peter Andre is SMITTEN with Emily MacDonagh.

Speaking to new! magazine, Peter said: "Things are going so well with Emily at the moment. We've know each other for two years and I'd say that it's definitely going in the right direction. Which reminds me, I need to finish planning her Valentine's Day surprise."

Peter Andre says that things are 'great' between the pair at the moment. Copyright [Rex]Oh yes, the Valentine's Day surprise which Peter has been planning for weeks. We so wish we were Emily.

He went on to reveal just how proud he was at her graduation last week.

He said: "I was so proud of her. She looked great in her gown, and you have to be pretty hot to pull off that look, don't you? I also bought her a present and an 'I'm proud of you' card. I've learned from doing Bad Boyfriend Club that girls love cards!"

We definitely do. Emily's one lucky lady.