Peter Andre and his mini me Junior have a hug, we melt

There's nothing that makes us melt more than a fit bloke spending time with his kid.

Peter and Junior AndrePeter and Junior Andre were snapped together today. Copyright [Big]And it's even cuter when the fit bloke in question is Peter Andre, and the cute kid is super-sweet Junior.

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Peter Andre and his mini me were pictured arriving at the ITV studios today - and we can't quite decide who looks cuter.

Junior clung to his dad and smiled for the cameras like a pro as the pair made their way into the building.

Peter was arriving to promote his new show, Bad Boyfriend Club, which sees him attempt to help couples where the guy is behaving badly.

Peter and Junior AndreWe couldn't decide who's cuter, Peter or Junior. Copyright [Big]Peter even revealed this week that participating in the show has helped him in his own new relationship with 23 year old Emily MacDonagh.

He said: "I have learnt a lot by watching where the guys in my show go wrong and have been putting it into practice with Emily.

"I have been writing down all the things girls don't like and then I go on a date and the girl says, 'Oh my God, you just did everything right'.

"Emily said I was the first person she had been with who didn't have his phone on the table. I made out that I had always done that."

Pete went on to reveal how happy he is with Emily, saying: "She is a wonderful girl — it's early days but we're obviously heading in the right direction."