Peter Andre hangs out with Chris Brown, most random BFFs ever?!

We know that Peter Andre has some pretty showbiz mates, but his new found pal in America has surprised even us.

Peter Andre, Chris BrownPeter Andre has been hanging out with Chris Brown. Copyright [Peter Andre/Twitter]

Peter Andre is over in America recording his new album, and in between sessions in the studio, he's taken to hanging out with Chris Brown.

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Peter took to Twitter to post a photo of the pair in the recording studio, all big grins and arms around each other like proper BFFs.

Peter Andre tweeted the snap along with the caption: "Had another awesome day recording in Record Plant studios in LA . Great hanging out with Chris Brown."

Peter Andre, Chris BrownPeter Andre is hanging out with Chris Brown as he records his new album in the US. Copyright [Peter Andre/Twit …And is it just us, or does Chris Brown look especially pleased to be hanging out with Peter Andre? Maybe he was a fan back in the day and had one of the Peter Andre dolls? Or maybe not.

Chris Brown seems to be winning over a few of our British celebs.

Chris Brown, Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole has also revealed herself as a fan of Chris Brown. Copyright [WENN]Not only has he made friends with Peter Andre, but he's also won support from Cheryl Cole who has aid the public should forgive him for the Rihanna incident which occurred three years ago.

Chris Brown then thanked Cheryl for her support via Twitter. Who'll be next to get friendly with Chris?!