Peter Andre’s girlfriend Emily MacDonagh graduates, he pulls his best proud face

Peter Andre and his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh are about the cutest couple around at the moment.

Peter Andre tweeted this snap of him and Emily MacDonagh on her graduation dayPeter Andre tweeted this snap of him and Emily MacDonagh on her graduation day. Copyright [Peter Andre]And they proved it yesterday, with Peter Andre tweeting an adorable photo of him and Emily MacDonagh as she graduated from Bristol University.

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The photo showed Emily MacDonagh looking stunning in her full graduation gown. HOW the heck she managed to pull that look off we don't know.

Peter Andre appeared to have cropped most of himself out of the photo - probably to give Emily all the glory - but from what we can see, he had his best proud face on.

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonaghPeter Andre and Emily MacDonagh looked amazing at the NTAs last week. Copyright [Rex]He tweeted the photo alongside the caption: "Congrats to my Emily who graduated today. Bachelor of Science with Honours. Proud of you :)"

So not only is she beautiful, but she's a right brain box as well.

Peter Andre has also revealed he's planning a big Valentines' Day surprise for Emily. Copyright [Rex]The graduation photo came as Peter Andre revealed he's planning a very special Valentine's Day surprise for Emily.

He said: "I was meant to be going out to Australia in February, but, for various reasons, I’m not going then any more. One of the main reasons is that I want to be here for Valentine’s Day. I want to keep what we’re doing a secret from Emily, but let’s just say I’ve got it all planned and it’s going to be very special."

Anyone else wishing they were Emily MacDonagh right now?