Peter Andre says he and Emily MacDonagh have chosen a name (kinda) for new baby girl – ‘Bista’s Sister’. WHAT A TEASE.

He really is enjoying keeping us all hanging isn't he?!

Peter Andre has revealed that he and girlfriend Emily MacDonagh have come up with a nickname for their new baby …Peter Andre got our hopes up when he revealed that he and girlfriend Emily MacDonagh had chosen a name for their new baby girl.

However, it's not her ACTUAL name - it seems they're still deciding on that.

Peter, 40, has revealed that they've in fact just chosen a nickname for the new arrival: "Bista's Sister".

The baby's nickname comes from the fact that Princess was called 'Bista' by brother Junior when she was born - …'Bista' is his daughter Princess' nickname, from the days when she was first born and her brother Junior, eight, couldn't say 'Sister' properly.

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Peter explained to new!: "Last week I revealed one of my resolutions was to find a nickname for our baby girl. We're getting there but for now, it'll stay 'Bista's Sister'.

Just last week it was suggested that Peter and Emily, 24, had decided on the name 'Rebecca,' due to its religious connotations.

But it seems that perhaps they haven't settled on a name after all.

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh have revealed that their daughter is 'perfect'. Copyright [WENN]The singer and TV presenter went on to reveal that he and Emily, 24, aren't getting much sleep due to the excitement of becoming new parents.

He said: "You may have seen some pap shots of me last week looking really rough in my tracksuit. As you might expect, I'm not getting much sleep at the moment, but oddly I'm not knackered. I'm just so excited. At the moment I'm averaging six hours of broken sleep a night. And for me, that's not a lot."

Peter Andre revealed he and Emily MacDonagh wanted his other kids - Junior and Princess - to help choose the name. …Well, we're not surprised he's slightly sleep deprived.

By all accounts, baby Andre is seriously cute - and we'd imagine that in itself is a bit distracting.

Shortly after her birth, Peter said: "Our baby girl is absolutely gorgeous. We're so happy. It's a bit early to say who she looks like yet, but I'm sure it'll be apparent soon. Emily and baby are doing well. We have the next couple of weeks to think of a name."

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