Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh say baby girl is 'wonderful and placid,' describe emotional proposal

It was the happiest news we'd heard in a long time.

Peter Andre has revealed that he and girlfriend Emily MacDonagh have come up with a nickname for their new baby …Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh yesterday announced that they're engaged, and now they've spoken out in detail about his romantic proposal, as well as revealing just how perfect their new baby girl is.

Peter, 40 and Emily, 24, seem totally besotted with their new arrival who arrived at the beginning of the month.

[Peter Andre gushes about 'beautiful' daughter]

[Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh reveal nickname for their baby]

Speaking to OK! magazine, Emily said: "Our daughter is the most placid, wonderful child. Even when she wakes up, she doesn't cry."

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh posed for gorgeous photos with their new baby girl. Copyright [OK! magazine]And it's not only their new baby who's perfect. Peter has also revealed that Emily is an amazing mum.

He told new! magazine: "Emily is a super mum, let me tell you. She's just awesome. Julia and Bista [his daughter Princess] are totally in love with their new sister and I've never seen Princess so excited."

However, the baby still doesn't have a name. Despite rumours that Peter and Emily had called their daughter 'Rebecca,' the pair have confirmed that they remain undecided.

Peter told new! magazine: "We still haven't got a name for the baby. We'd narrowed it down to a list of names, she didn't look like any of them when we saw her!"

Peter Andre proposed to Emily MacDonagh in their baby's nursery. Copyright [WENN]As well as presenting their as-yet-unamed daughter to the world yesterday, Peter and Emily also announced that they're engaged.

Peter popped the question just before their baby was born, after admitting just before Christmas that he knew exactly 'where, when and how' he was going to ask Emily to marry him.

Pete has revealed that he got down on one knee in their baby's nursery, with a custom-designed ring which took six weeks to make.

Peter Andre has revealed that his other kids, Princess and Junior are thrilled with their new baby sister. Copyright …He said: "I proposed just before the new year. I was nervous, I'm not going to lie. Thankfully when she saw the gorgeous diamond ring she said 'Yes'."

He continued: "She said, 'Are you serious?' and burst into tears. It was so emotional. We lay down in the nursery for ages because it was such a special room to us."

Peter went on to say: "I always planned to propose at some point during the nine months to give Ems and our families the security. So now she is officially my fiancee."

Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh shared this photo of her baby bump just weeks before their daughter arrived. Copyright …And it seems Emily is just as thrilled to be engaged.

She said: "He always said he's like to do it before the baby was born, and I just thought he'd do it after. I was happy. I didn't need a ring, but it was amazing."

However, there won't be a big wedding any time soon, with the couple revealing they're going to wait a while before tying the knot so that their daughter can be involved on the big day.

Peter said: "It won't be for a couple of years. We're engaged and that solidifies our relationship. We love each other and know we want to be together."

Jacqueline Jossa shared this adorable family photo with Dan Osborne and baby Ella. Copyright [Instagram/Jacqueline Jossa]
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