Perrie Edwards gears up for a fresh start? Zayn Malik had better have his fingers crossed

Our eyebrows are very much up in the air this morning after Perrie Edwards tweeted that she is 'cleansing her body and her soul'.

Is Perrie trying to tell us something?! Copyright: [Twitter]

Er, cryptic smoothie much?

While neither Zayn or Perrie have officially commented on their situation, we reckon this gives us an idea of what might be going on.

Well, why speak when you can let your smoothie do the talking?

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Perrie tweeted the snap of herself tucking into a healthy smoothie along with the caption: "Good for the body, good for the soul!".

So could this be the beginning of a fresh start for the star? Boyfriend Zayn Malik has better get his fingers crossed.

Zayn has reportedly cheated on Perrie. Copyright [Instagram/Perrie Edwards]

Zayn is currently trying to win Perrie back after an Australian waitress sold a story claiming that Zayn cheated on Perrie with her.

According to The Sun, the One Direction singer, 20, cheated with 21-year-old Courtney Webb on Wednesday, taking her back to his house after meeting on a night out.

The girl even had photographic evidence of a sleeping Zayn and knew about tattoos that would make even the keenest Directioner blush.

However, it's believed that Perrie is planning on forgiving Zayn and has agreed to take him back after he flew back from his One Direction commitments in France to see her.

The Little Mix girls are currently on a huge UK tour.

Should Perrie forgive Zayn?The woman alleged to have had a fling with One Direction's Zayn Malik receives abuse - should his girlfriend Perrie Edwards stick by her man or cut and run?