Perrie Edwards dubs One Direction’s Zayn Malik as the ‘best boyfriend’ ever, well she would say that, wouldn’t she?

Perrie Edwards has dubbed One Direction’s Zayn Malik as the ‘best boyfriend’ ever.

Perrie Edwards has deemed Zayn Malik the 'best boyfriend' ever. Copyright [Twitter]Well considering they’ve been going out for nearly two years, we wouldn’t expect her to say any less.

The 19-year-old Little Mix singer spoke about her relationship with Zayn, 20, to Twist magazine.
She told the mag: “Zayn is so lovely.

“You know things are good when you can’t wait to see the other person. It’s a sense of friendship. The main thing I looked for is if he’s fun to be around, if I can have a laugh with him.

“When it’s more of a friendship, it can blossom.”
Aww, isn’t that sweet?

Perrie then went on to admit that her dating past had been somewhat chequered and knew that Zayn was the one for her when he didn’t leave the bill for her to pay after they went for dinner.

Well we would hope not!

Perrie Edwards previously denied claims that Zayn had cheated on her. Copyright [Instagram/Little Mix]She said: “I’d been on a few dates in the past with other boyfriends that didn’t go too well — I’d had loads of dating disasters!

“Zayn would never leave me with the bill like the other boys used to do!”

Perrie had previously slammed claims that Zayn had cheated on her with waitress Courtney Webb earlier this year.

She told The Mirror: “I try not to let what I read in the paper get to me. But I still read things and I think ‘That didn’t happen.’

“But as long as me and the rest of the girls know it’s not true, that’s what matters.

“We laugh about things and refuse to let it get to us.”

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