Perrie Edwards doesn’t wash her hair for two weeks at a time, Zayn Malik is not impressed!

Perrie Edwards has confessed that she can go up to two weeks without washing her barnet.

Perrie can leave washing her hair for a fortnight! Copyright: [rex]

It's already suspected she likes eating dog food (yuck) and now the Little Mix singer has come out and confessed she often goes over a week without shampoo.

Two weeks to be exact.

Talking about how she is fine with camping, Perrie says: "I don't wash my hair for two weeks at home so when I'm camping it's not affecting me!"

Well, we suppose if she can get away with it…

And hands up who hasn't substitutes a spritz of dry shampoo on more than one occasion?

Perrie is dating 1D's Zayn. Copyright: [rex/BIG]

However, being one half of one of our fave couples in pop, what does her boyfriend Zayn Malik make of all this shampoo dodging?

Perrie admits he will probably be less than impressed.

The X Factor winner says: "After this interview, I think I'm going to get dumped!"

"I try to be ladylike but he sees my true colours every now and then".

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But when the interviewer suggested that perhaps it is that which Zayn loves about her most she blushed and said:

"Well, maybe.  I don't know, maybe!"

However, judging by recent snaps of Zayn looking less than groomed, sporting a rather scruffy (but super fit) makeover, we doubt he's in a position to judge.

Zayn's scruffier new look. Copyright: [big]