Peaches Geldof tweets photos of baby Astala, we melt

When Peaches Geldof tweeted an image of baby Astala in a bear costume a few weeks ago, we didn't think he could get any cuter.

Peaches Geldof, AstalaPeaches Geldof tweeted this adorable picture of her with Astala. Copyright [Peaches Geldof]

However, Peaches Geldof has taken to Twitter to show off her baby boy Astala a bit more, and he is so cute, our hearts are melting.

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Peaches posted a series of adorable pictures of little Astala, starting with a picture of him wearing a strawberry hat and wooly jumper.

Peaches captioned the photo: "Me and my little Grubbins," which is perhaps the cutest nickname we've ever heard.

Peaches Geldof, AstalaPeaches then tweeted this picture of Astala in a sling. Copyright [Peaches Geldof]The next image showed little Grubbins falling asleep in his sling as Peaches and her fiance, Thomas Cohen, took him out for a stroll.

Peaches Geldof then posted two images of Astala hanging out with his Daddy before showing off a picture of her giving her baby boy a big kiss.

Peaches Geldof, Thomas Cohen, AstalaPeaches then tweeted this image of her fiance Thomas Cohen holding Astala. Copyright [Twitter]Peaches looks like she's taken to motherhood perfectly, with most of her tweets sounding blissfully happy.

Shortly after Astala was born, Peaches said: "My little boy is the most beautiful thing in this world. When he holds @tomfromscum's finger with his hand its the sweetest thing ever."

Peaches Geldof, AstalaWe want an Astala in our lives. Copyright [Peaches Geldof]She continued: "So sweet when baby boy will only fall asleep if hes lying against my chest for a hug. Know im biased by he really is the cutest baby ever." [sic]

This cuteness is just too much!