Paris Hilton poses in a bikini with her Katie Price inspired 21 year old toyboy

We really are getting sick of seeing hot celebs in various exotic locations and we have to say, these snaps of Paris Hilton really do take the sun creamed biscuit.

No, not jealous at all, we love sitting at our desks! Copyright: [Twitter]

Paris is currently holidaying in Mexico with her new boyfriend, River Viiper who is just 21 years old.

Bikini? Check. Hot man? Check. Amazing holiday wardrobe? Check. Just BORE off already!

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However, these snaps got us thinking, we don't think we've been catching up with Paris Hilton as much as we would have liked lately

So what HAS been going on in the world of Paz H?

Well, the reality star, 31, has been doing lots of posing and sunning herself, no surprises there.

Paris is hot... FACT! Copyright: [Paris Hilton]

By the looks of things she has also been in the gym and to the shops... So yeah, basically nothing has changed.

However, as mentioned Paris does have a new boyfriend, a toyboy no less!

Yep, Ms Hilton has come over all Katie Price and has been dating 21 year old model type, River Viiper since September.

OK, we are officially jel now. Copyright: [Paris Hilton]

In other Paris news (non bikini related), the socialite is believed to be super keen on making pals with her old BFF Kim Kardashian.

(Yep, remember when THEY were BFFs!)

Paris is reported to have been thrilled to hear Kim, 32, is expecting a baby and wants to make friends so that she can help her out.

A source says: "She wants to team up with Kim and has told her she has tons of advice she wants to share. Kim's a little bewildered."

We don't know about you, but we would love to see Paris and Kim super close again and plus, Paris would make one excellently glam godmother.

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