Parade debut new song, Light Me Up, we’re obsessed

Parade have gone fairly quiet over the past few months, but this could very well be down to the fact that they've been recording some new tunes.

ParadeParade have unveiled a new single, Light me Up. Copyright [WENN]And after hearing Parade's new song, Light Me Up, we can confirm that the girls have been working very hard indeed.

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Light Me Up is one of the best songs we've heard in a long while, and it's got team omg! dancing around our desks.


The song is a dubsteppy, poppy mixture of Girls Aloud and Little Mix all rolled into one, which is our idea of musical heaven. And yes, dubsteppy and poppy are super technical terms.

Parade's Bianca Claxton recently revealed that the girls have been working hard on new music.

She said: "We've been really busy working with lots of different writers and producers. It's been awesome having total control over the music we write and being part of the whole creative process."

After Parade's debut single, Louder, stormed the top 10 last year we had high hopes for them.

So we're very glad that the girls, Sian, Jessica, Emily, Lauren and Bianca, are back. We're now off to listen to Light Me Up for the millionth time this afternoon.