Oscars 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch ignores bow tie memo for once, swoonfest

Sherlock star skips the Academy Award dress code and struts his stuff in a black tie

No one puts Benedict Cumberbatch in a bow tie unless he wants to be in a bow tie, yeah?

Benedict Cumberbatch shunned the bow tie dress code and opted for a tie at the Oscars 2014. Copyright [Getty]

Not even the threat of the wrath of the Oscars 2014 organisers was enough to force Benedict into wearing a dickie bow, despite it being mandatory at the event.

Looking as outrageously-fit as always in a black suit and white shirt, he instead opted for a plain black tie to top the look off (along with the love letter to us in his breast pocket, obvs).

Benedict received the most screams on the red carpet for the evening, struggling to make himself heard during his interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Benedict Cumberbatch got the loudest screams on the Oscars 2014 red carpet. Copyright [Getty]

Benedict Cumberbatch said his America fans are 'always up for a good time'. Copyright [Getty]

Trying desperately to talk above the screams, he explained to Ryan the difference between British and American fans.

He said: "I've got to be very careful about this as I've got a very large following at home, but they're very nice, listen to that!

"That's what the American fans are like, they want me to go over there and have a party, which I'd love to do. They're very vocal and they're up for a good time. I try to tread the thin, diplomatic line."

via (http://prettylittletmi.tumblr.com/)

via (http://prettylittletmi.tumblr.com/)

Yeah... we ALL know who's best though, right?

Also, just take note of the woman to the left of Benedict below, someone forgot the tit tape...

We couldn't help but notice the woman vying for Benedict Cumberbatch's attention with her low-cut frock.

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