Oscars 2013: Was Jennifer Lawrence DRUNK when she fell over?! Oops!

Undoubtedly the highlight of the Oscars was Jennifer Lawrence completely stacking it as she went to collect her award for Best Actress.

Jennifer Lawrence fell up the stairs as she went to collect her Oscar. Copyright [Rex]As she walked towards the stage to collect her Oscar, Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the stairs and fell over. Major cringe. However, the reason for her fall could well have been because she was DRUNK.

Jennifer Lawrence was pretty worse for wear in the Oscars press room, telling all the journalists that she was drunk off a shot she'd just done.

Jennifer Lawrence admitted to being merry in the press room. Copyright [Rex]Twitter was alight with comments about Jen's drunken interview in the press room.

One comment said: "hahaha Jennifer Lawrence is drunk doing interviews on E! and im dying." [sic]

Another said: "This Jennifer Lawrence press conference is gold + the fact she admitted she's drunk off the shot she had before just made me love her more."

Jennifer Lawrence definitely looked like she'd been having a good time. Copyright [Rex]The whole drunken interview has made us wonder whether alcohol was also to blame for her falling over - especially given that she admitted she hadn't had time to eat all day.

Jennifer revealed she was 'starving' and was going to order a McDonalds on her way home.

Drinking on an empty stomach is NEVER good.

Jennifer Lawrence looked amazing on the red carpet. Copyright [Splash]Jennifer recently revealed that she was planning on getting smashed at the Oscars, because the last time she attended she was only 20 and therefore not allowed to drink.

She said: "l'll be able to drink this time. I was only 20 last time. So hopefully I'll be more comfortable. Or at least drunk. I keep thinking about sitting at the table with David [O'Russell, director] and Bradley [Cooper, co-star] - and wine - and I just think it will be an incredible feeling.''

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Well, we reckon that winning an Oscar for Best Actress is a pretty good reason to have a few glasses of wine.

However, the actress also went on to reveal that she doesn't like people looking at her, or wearing high heels - so perhaps her fall was also down to feeling self conscious.

Jennifer said: "Trust me, the red carpet is not fun. I'm really bad at walking in heels and I don't like people shouting at me - and that's pretty much all it is."