Original Sugababes MKS: We weren't in a good place before we got back together

The Original Sugababes may look all cheek-to-cheek chummy in these hot new pics but the reunion might never have happened if the girls hadn't got over their differences from back in the day.

Speaking to Ponystep magazine Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan, who are back together after 10 years apart (hurrah!), revealed they weren't "in a good place" at all when they first started talking again.

Asked whether they had to address old wounds before making their comeback Keisha confessed: "Errr, yeah! Me and Siobhan had to sit down and have that conversation before anything else.

"There were a lot of things misconstrued over the years and we weren't in a good place. But we reached an understanding and were able to move forward".

The trio - who have renamed themselves MKS - are now the best of BFFs. But the reunion only ever happened because of a certain chat show host.

Keisha added: "I remember sitting on my couch watching Mutya being interviewed on 'Lorraine' just after I'd left the Sugababes, and Lorraine said 'you might as well call Siobhan and get the original band back together' I could see Mutya thinking 'perhaps. That was the start".

Mutya says "after that I Facebooked Siobhan and we said we should meet up".

Well thank you Lorraine and thank you Facebook.

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And the gals reckon they were never stroppy in interviews the first time around - they were misunderstood.

Keisha said: "They tried to [media train us], but as soon as we got on to camera we forgot everything we'd been told. We'd go into interviews with faces like thunder.

Siobhan added: "We weren't even moody. We didn't realise that you have to smile or see you look aloof when you're on TV. I lot of it was nerves"

Speaking about the new album, which is out next year, Mutya told them: "I think it's a step up from the first album. I just hope people will enjoy it. Actually, I know people will enjoy it"!

Well we can't flippin' WAIT!

The new issue of Ponystep is out December 3.