Oops! Susan Boyle trends on Twitter for all the wrong reasons #susanalbumparty

You'd think Susan Boyle would WANT to be a trending topic on Twitter.

But last night the Britain's Got Talent star was a popular hashtag for all the wrong reasons.

The singer's management put out a tweet to encourage fans to buy her brand new album 'Standing Ovation'.

But instead of reading the hashtag #susanalbumparty as Susan-Album-Party, it was interpreted by tweeters as Sus Anal Bum Party.

Yes really.

Before long it was trending on Twitter - despite  the account only having 7,000 followers - with a load of famous faces piling into the fun.

According to The Sun, Capital radio DJ Lisa Snowdon posted: “I don’t think Susan Boyle’s record company thought this hash tag thru properly...”

Even American star Nicole Richie tweeted: “LMFAO OH MY GOD.”

Regular tweeters piled in on the hashtag

One user @hagsyp posted: "Susan boyles media team actually spawned the hashtag #susanalbumparty... Lol."

Another took to the site to say: "#Susanalbumparty haha funniest hash tag ever! How did her twitter team not notice! Hahaha!"

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The tweet was deleted by the management running @SusanBoyleHQ and the only hashtags they seem to be using are #StandingOvation.

Nice and safe.

Subo's new album is a compilation of Greatest Songs From The Stage, with tracks like Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Memory and You'll Never Walk Alone.