One Direction’s Zayn Malik caught on video dancing, Twitter goes crazy

When One Direction's Zayn Malik dances, it's a big event.

Zayn Malik dancing / YouTube

The One Direction star is known for not enjoying a boogie, but you wouldn't have guessed Zayn Malik wasn't a fan of dancing if you watched this footage.

Zayn Malik was captured on camera dancing with friends Danny Riach and Ant Riach to Usher's song 'That's What It's Made For'.

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The singer really got into the song and showed off sexy moves, creating Twitter trends all over the place as fans went crazy for the treat last night.

Zayn Malik's dance skills. Oh yes. / YouTube

Back when he was a contestant on the X Factor, Zayn Malik revealed his fear of dancing.

Simon Cowell had to practically drag Zayn Malik onto the stage at Boot Camp during auditions.

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Since then, Zayn Malik has had plenty of dancing practice with One Direction, but to see him letting go like in the video is a special moment for 1D fans.

Justin Bieber offered Zayn Malik dance lessons back in November 2010, and as their bromance has increased over the years we reckon Biebs' skills might just have rubbed off on Zayn.

Love. It.