One Direction turn down Simon Cowell and say no to X Factor return

One Direction have turned down the chance to return to X Factor, despite offers from Simon Cowell.

One D have turned down an opportunity on X Fcator. Copyright: [wenn]

The boys were asked by Simon to come in and help save the show in the light of the recent poor rating however, have politely declined his offer.

But why, we hear you squeal?

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Well, the boys just don't feel they are experienced to be dishing out advice to fledgling singers just yet.

Louis says: "We don't feel we are in a position to be giving strong advice".

However, they did feel experienced enough to guest judge on Australian X Factor and Harry said it was "really cool and fun".

*raises eyebrow*

Simon is believed to have been relying on the boys. Copyright: [wenn]

Simon Cowell is reported to have been 'relying' on the boys to help him revive the show and give it the kick that it needs to boost ratings.

A show source has said: "It's ironic that less than two years ago Simon Cowell made One ­ Direction's career and now he's ­relying on them to help save his."


The source added: "Simon knows One Direction wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the X Factor and he now wants to use their success story to save and promote the show."

However, now they aren't interested we wonder who Lord Cowell will recruit in their place?

Sinitta is probably free.