One Direction travel the world in new teaser frames for One Way Or Another for Comic Relief

One Direction know how to tease us, don't they?

The boys shot the whole video themselves. Copyright: [Syco]

The boys have released a blimmin' TEASER frames for their new song, a cover of Blondie's One Way Or Another and The Undertones Teenage Kicks.

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Why can't we just see the whole thing already? Honestly, this is like waiting for Christmas Day when you are about nine years old.

The boys have a little dance with some air stewardesses. Copyright: [syco]

For now, we will just have to make do with these stills.

The boys pop over to Japan. Copyright: [SYCO]

In the clip, the boys can be seen larking about in all corners of the world (well New York, London and Japan to be exact).

They dance with air stewardesses (as you do), play a bit of football... heck, Liam Payne even does a quick headstand.

Liam Payne even does a quick head stand. Copyright: [Syco]

And the best bit? The video is completely filmed by the boys in a bid to save money so as much as possible goes to those in need, a move that was all their OWN idea.

The boys also include their trip to Ghana. Copyright: [Syco]

All proceeds from the track will go to Comic Relief and we think it's pretty safe to say it will raise absolutely squillions.

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