One Direction: This is Us premiere live stream host Will Best tells he'd have a 'severe sex addiction' if he joined 1D - EXCLUSIVE

We're already beside ourselves with excitement at the news that we'll be exclusively live streaming the One Direction: This is Us movie premiere, and now we've found out that Will Best will be the host for the event, we've been pushed over the edge.

Will Best will be hosting our exclusive live stream of the One Direction movie premiere. Copyright [Rex]The fit presenter will be keeping us all up-to-date with every single bit of action from the red carpet on the night and he'll EVEN be chatting exclusively with Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan.

We're not jel. Not at all.

We couldn't wait to speak to Will about his super-important job as host, and, more importantly, whether he could see himself joining 1D as an honorary sixth member.

However, Will told us that he simply wouldn't have the stamina to be in a boy-band.

Will Best explained exactly what he loves about One Direction. Copyright [Rex]He said: "If I was in One Direction I would be terribly badly behaved. I would probably develop quite a severe sex addiction. Every girl I know would sleep with Harry Styles. Come on, you would!"

What's more, Will went on to tell us he worries he'd be bullied if he joined the band.

He said: "I think I would be bullied by the other members. There would be loads of lad banter and I would be on the receiving end of it. Plus, I can't sing and I can't dance. I definitely can't sing like an angel like Zayn can. And I don't think I am appealing enough to early teen girls. I'm more of a very old women type. Grannys think I'm a dish."

Will Best told us he doesn't have the stamina to be in a boyband like One Direction! Copyright [Rex]Despite fearing laddish banter, Will went on to tell us exactly what he loves about the gorgeous five-some.

He explained: "Zayn is the most beautiful. My friend is a re-toucher and she re-touched a lot of models, and in all of her years she has never had a face so perfect. He is the beautiful boy. Massive eyes in the right places. I'd love Harry's hair, Zayn's symmetrical face, Niall's personality and charm and accent, Liam's height qualities?! And I'll have Louis' girlfriend because she is hot."

As for the live stream, it seems that Will's just as beside himself as we are.

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When we asked him just HOW excited he was about the whole event, Will said: "On a scale of one to 'I may have a little accident,' I am definitely going to have an accident."

He continued: "It's a big deal - I love those little b******s. I can't wait for the buzz, the noise of the crowd when the boys arrive - that moment - you won't be able to hear. It will be the loudest noise you have ever heard. I want to soak it all up, I won't wear ear plugs."

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