One Direction schoolboy pictures make us giggle and gasp

We love before they were famous photos, so we're in our element with these One Direction snaps.

Louis Tomlinson, BeboLouis Tomlinson doing the classic mirror pose *cringe* Copyright [Bebo]

One Direction must have done a massive cringe when they saw fans posting links to their old Bebo and MySpace accounts, which were full of silly schoolboy photos.

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Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan were the main victims, with scores of embarrassing old pictures of the One Direction lads being typical teenagers.

Niall Horan, BeboNiall Horan must be hiding behind his hands over this old snap. Copyright [Bebo]

Niall Horan managed to see the funny side, tweeting: "Hahaha my old bebo page, dont even know the password for that anymore! My cousin claire came up with the stupid name #embarassin"

He added: "that bebo page is hilarious! some great memories in the pictures though ey?"

Harry StylesHarry Styles got off lightly with this old snap with his sister. What a cutie. Copyright [MySpace]

Harry Styles got off more lightly, and teased his bandmate by tweeting: "@NiallOfficial is your email still"

The floppy haired hottie only had a few pics crop up, and his were more of the adorable variety rather than the Oh Em Gee kind.

Louis TomlinsonWhat on earth was Louis Tomlinson doing? Copyright [Bebo]

The most gasp-worthy pictures were of Louis Tomlinson, who was pictured doing all kinds of bizarre things like pretending to punch a baby doll.

He was also pictured with a girlfriend, kissing, groping and sticking his tongue out. Smooth.

Louis TomlinsonLouis Tomlinson was quite the Jack the lad. Copyright [Bebo]

Liam Payne and Zayn Malik must be breathing huge sighs of relief.