One Direction's Niall Horan gets a MANKINI for Christmas, we get Photoshopping

It's that time on Christmas day where we're lying in a food coma, one hand in the Quality Street box, admiring our presents.

Niall Horan got a mankini for Christmas. Copyright [Rex]

And we imagine that One Direction's Niall Horan might be wondering what to do with one of this right now - as it's not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to find in your stocking.

The cheeky Irish chappy revealed that his mates bought him a MANKINI for Christmas, and we've not been able to think about anything except photoshopping his head onto this random man's body ever since.

He posted on Twitter: "Hahah the lads,you'll never bate them! Sean,dylan ,brad and shano bought me a mankini ! dopes."

But although we pleaded, Niall was a spoil sport and wouldn't post a picture of himself in said mankini, tweeting: "No your not gettin pictures of the mankini, filthy minded you lot."

And so we were left with no option but to cut out his head and place it on this overly eager Christmas bather.

Meanwhile Niall's mate Olly Murs looked like he was having a right laugh this Christmas, posting a snap on Twitter of himself enjoying Christmas dinner.

Olly Murs posted this snap of himself enjoying the festivities. Copyright [Twitter/Olly Murs]

Earlier all the 1D boys took to Twitter to wish their followers Merry Christmas.

One Direction took to their individual Twitters to post their well wishes on Christmas Day. And their official Twitter shared this video of the boys sending festive greetings.

Harry Styles, who is spending the day without American girlfriend Taylor Swift, posted: "Merry Christmas everyone! .xx".

Cheryl Cole, who treated fans to an early Christmas present with a surprise video of her single Ghetto Girl, posted: "Merry Christmas everybody. It's officially here :D"

Fellow Girls Aloud star and Strictly Come Dancing finalists Kimberley Walsh also posted: "Merry Christmas one and all! Eat, drink and be merry! I certainly will be! #familytime"

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