One Direction's Louis Tomlinson to get new braided HAIR DO (if hairdresser Lou Teasdale has her way)

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson has very pretty, lovely locks (that we'd rather like to run our hands through for the rest of our lives).

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson could be set for a drastic new hairdo. Copyright [Rex]

But he could be set to get a DRASTIC new do if 1D's hairdresser Lou Teasdale has her way.

The barnet-styler has got her eyes on Louis to model the latest trend in boys hairdos - BRAIDS!

Yes really.

Lou, who has the rather enviable job of styling the tresses of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, has singled out Mr Tomlinson for the new 'do.

She posted on her Instagram last night: "Just practising the next big thing in men's hair on @tomatkin think good for @Louis91 personally" alongside a snap of the style, which consists of lots of little plaits all round the head.

Lou posted this on her Instagram last night. Copyright [Lou Teasdale/Instagram]

One Direction fans immediately piled in, with most of them reckoning he would really suit the new style.

Forreveryounng posted: "Please do it on @louis91! I will love you forever!! :3"

Whilst gabbiedayrit7 was not as sure, posting: "Give it a try, but if not, try giving him his old hair back!! :)"

We wonder what Louis' girlfriend Eleanor Calder would make of her boyfriend having plaits.

And although hairdresser Lou has chosen Louis to experiment on this time, she recently said that it's Zayn whose hair she loves the most.

Speaking to The X Factor style blog she said: "Zayn, because he lets me do what I want with it, I think he has the coolest hair.”

And by the sounds of things she will NOT be taking her scissors to Harry Styles' famous barnet anytime soon.

She added: "They all have pretty cool hair even though I do say so myself, god knows where we're going to go with Harry's I don't dare change it!”

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And the rest of the lads don't think Hazza will be getting a skin-head in the near future. Niall recently told Access Hollywood “I can’t see Harry changing his hair.

While Louis added: “Harry won’t change his hair until he goes bald, I don’t think.”

The questions remains, though, WILL HE?


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