One Direction's Harry Styles and Bradley Cooper should be NIPPLE friends!

Bradley Cooper and One Direction's Harry Styles are clearly long-lost soulmates after the actor revealed he's got a bit of weird nipple action going on too.

Bradley Cooper revealed to Ellen that he has three nipples!

Hunky American actor Brad exclusively revealed this week to Ellen de Generes that he a THIRD nipple.

And he even opened his shirt to show the world his extra nip whilst on her famous chat show (while a little bit of sick came up in our mouths).

The Hollywood actor said: "I actually have a third nipple. Here's my regular nipple and I have a third nipple. It's disgusting," before peeling back his top to screams in the live audience.

Bradley Cooper showed off his third nip on the show

One Direction's Harry Styles can definitely sympathise with the film star, as he's confessed in the past that he is the owner of not two, but FOUR nipples himself.

One fifth of the most famous boyband in the world confirmed to Aussie station Nova FM: Yeah there are four. They're a bit smaller than the other ones so I don't look like a cow or anything.

"We play Russian roulette where they have to pinch one and see who gets squirted in the face."

One Direction's Harry Styles has confessed to having four nipples himself. Copyright [Splash]

Lovely mental image there.

But just as we were imagining all kinds of bonding sessions Hazza and Brad would have with their excess body parts, we realised that Bradley was just joking around.

After showing off his third nipple he got carried away, rolling up his sleeve and saying: "I actually have a fourth nipple too."

He then rolled up his trouser leg and said: "I have a fifth one too" revealing a pink nip right on the side of his leg.

But the whole thing was just a festive joke, so it leaves Harry and his four nips all on his lonesome.

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