One Direction return to the X Factor stage, we feel all nostalgic

One Direction have made a return to the X Factor stage!

You can thank us later Italy. Copyright: [wenn]

But before you crack open the champers and high five Simon Cowell, it's X Factor ITALY!

But it did get us thinking, what a difference two years have made!

Just check out this snap of the boys when they were last on the X Factor stage in old Blighty back in 2010:

One D on X Factor in 2010. Copyright: [rex]

And to think we even sort of fancied them then!

It actually looks like Simon Cowell covered them in sellotape and shoved them into the nearest branch of All Saints.

And would you just look at Louis Tomlinson's hair?

The only One D boy who we reckon has stayed pretty much the same is ol' Harry Styles.

And it's not just their looks that have changed in the past two years, we reckon their lives must be pretty much unrecognisable too.

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For example, now everywhere they go screaming girls manage to find them.

However, that is one thing that Harry Styles reckons he will never get used to:

Harry told Vogue: "You're never going to get used to walking into a room and have people screaming at you."

Well, when you put it like that!

Harry continued: "There's a lot of things that come with the life you could get lost in. But you have to let it be what it is. I've learnt not to take everything too seriously."