One Direction release Take Me Home album cover – Zayn Malik looks hot in a hat!

One Direction's Take Me Home album cover is finally here and wow isn't it amazing oh em gee! The image pays homage to a British icon — the traditional red phone box with the buff boys larking around on it.

One DirectionOne Direction have unveiled their new album cover. Copyright [One Direction]

The cover artwork comes just a day after Louis Tomlinson broke the news of the name of One Direction's second album on Twitter.

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He wrote: "So pleased to tell you that our new album is called "take me home" can't wait for you to hear it! More news soooon! #takemehome." [sic]

The Take Me Home artwork features the hotties messing around as poor Liam Payne looks very concerned about falling off the top of the phone box.

One DirectionOne Direction are already breaking records with their new offering. Copyright [WENN]But he shouldn't fear, Louis is poised ready to rescue him while Zayn Malik looks on with a smirk on his flawless face.

Perrie Edward's boyfriend deserves a special mention for donning a ultra British bowler hat with his monochrome look.

We feel for poor Niall Horan thought who appears trapped inside the booth on the phone —perhaps he's chatting to Simon Cowell to demand a better spot in this snap…

Harry Styles appears to be orchestrating the fun as he stands with his signature bow tie around his neck with his arms folded.

While UK One Direction fans will go bonkers over this shot we imagine our cousins across the pond will go nuts over this brilliantly British pic.

One Direction's new single, Live While We're Young has broken records already.. it's the fastest selling pre-order single ever.

We predict the album will go the same way….